How addiction affects the go-getters

Oftentimes leaders, geniuses, dedicated individuals and those who think outside the box have a different mind from the rest of us. These amazing people tend to have more sociopathic and psychopathic problems than ordinary individuals. This is the very reason that propels them to take risks and become groundbreakers. Yet there is a comorbidity that is common in these achievers and that is the probability of addiction.

Oftentimes what drives a person to succeed is also what makes a good addict. All the pleasure and success comes from the same brain pathways that make addiction or substance abuse so irresistible. In other words, a person that has a tendency for an addiction or a person that needs to think outside the box may need more than one drink in order to get drunk. Their brain is wired differently.

Many times what makes the person strive for success is a trauma that happened during childhood. These individuals didn’t have their needs met as children so they strife to succeed in life. They use the impulse to accomplish something to self-medicate for other things that happened in the past. In other words, individuals who were abused or neglected as children have more probability of becoming addicts. Factors such as genetic predisposition and early life stress can be instrumental in developing an addiction later on in life. A high percentage of alcoholics, for example, are educated people with accomplished lives. This group tends to abuse more alcohol and prescription medications, specially pain killers.

High achieving individuals can learn quickly. This is why they are more tricked to fall into an addiction. This behavior must be unlearned first in order to be dealt with. New healthier behaviors must be learned to move forward in recovery and in life. If your life is falling apart due to substance abuse, call 239-330-3382. There are professionals and interventionists to help you and your loved one find the answers you need.

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