Flakka On the Rise In Florida

Volusia County police are worried that the synthetic drug flakka will make its way up north from Broward County. However, so far there are few cases in the area, with only two arrests made in the last month by the Sheriff’s Office. In the last several months, Broward authorities have dealt with more than 30 overdose cases of the drug.

What Is Flakka?

Flakka is another name for the synthetic stimulant Alpha-PVP that is growing in abusers in the United States. The drug is available as a powder or encapsulated, in a pill-like format. Abusers will inject, smoke or swallow the drug when using it. Some people may even smoke the drug using a vaporizer. A person may be smoking the drug in public without anyone even knowing.

The drug is most commonly imported from China or India, and its abusers can order it online, paying an average of $3 to $5 per hit. As a stimulant, it is chemically similar to bath salts, but also more powerful than cocaine, another stimulant. Both flakka and bath salts are made from synthetic stimulants known as cathinones. These have a stimulant effect on the body.

In 2014, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) placed the drug on its list of illegal controlled substances. Policing the drug has become difficult because it is not imported into the U.S. by drug dealers, but instead through the mail.

In 2014, police made an estimated 2,700 flakka seizures, according to USA Today.

If you are struggling with flakka abuse, call drug rehab centers in Cape Coral today.

Why Do People Abuse Flakka?

According to USA Today, many people start to abuse flakka because they do not want to test positive on a drug test. Because flakka is not as well-known as other drugs, a drug test does not commonly test for it.

“The drug takes away all the inhibitions and also erases the body’s ability to clamp down on dopamine and serotonin, so you just feel like you can anything,” said Brad Lamm, an addiction interventionist practicing in Los Angeles, in an interview with CBS News.

How Can People Get Help If Addicted?

Those addicted to flakka should seek care through drug and alcohol rehab in Cape Coral FL. Narcotics Anonymous (http://www.nagulfcoastfla.org/meeting-list-1) is also available to struggling and recovering addicts.

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